Natural Flavour Boost

Add Exciting Natural Flavouring To Your Beer

Derived from all natural ingredients, Mangrove Jack’s Natural Flavour Boosts allow you to add a new element of flavour to your beer. Create a huge range of unique beer creations with flavours to experiment with!

6 Flavours

American Oak– Subtle oak aroma with sweet woody notes and light smoky undertones.

Apricot– Fruity aroma with a well rounded apricot flavour.

Cherry– Fresh cherry aroma, fruity, with well rounded sweet flavour.

Coffee– Strong brewed coffee aroma, but still sweet to the taste.

Manuka Styled Honey– Strong manuka styled honey aroma with sweet honey notes.

Passion Fruit– Strong passion fruit aroma, with mild citrus notes.

How To…

With two ways to add Natural Flavour Boosts to your beer, experimentation is easy.


Pour full bottle of flavouring into your entire batch of beer before bottling.


Add 1.5ml of flavouring per bottle before carbonation.

Flavour Combination Suggestions

For some delicious flavour combinations, try these beer styles with our Natural Flavour Boosts. But this is just a guide – you’ll find there is so much more to discover.

American Oak– Imperial Stout, Old Ale, Flanders Red

Apricot– Wheat, Pale Ale, Pilsner

Cherry– Red Ale, Porter, Blonde

Coffee– Stout, Coffee, IPA, Porter

Manuka Styled Honey– Amber, Saison, Blonde

Passion Fruit– Pale Ale, Saison, Goose

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