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HomeBrew Spirits 101: How To Make Home Brew Spirits

Once you have your spirit, all you do is add your flavouring, hey presto… it’s done! With hundreds of flavours, your spirit creation will have all the characteristics you’re after – colour, aroma, texture, taste, and alcohol content! In 4 easy steps you’ll have great tasting spirits…

Step 1: Making The Wash

Making the wash is basically combining yeast, water and sugar in a fermenter and then allowing it to ferment. Once fermentation is finished you clear your wash, we recommend using Still Spirits Turbo Clear. Once cleared, you can move on to distilling using your still.

Step 2: Distilling

The fermented mix is heated up to boiling point, the alcohol vapour, being lighter than water vapour, rises up to the top of the still and condenses back into a liquid alcohol, purer than what was in the fermented juice.

Step 3: Filtering

Your distilled spirit needs to be filtered to catch any unwanted chemicals or flavours and remove them, resulting in a pure clean spirit. We suggest using the Still Spirits carbon range. Our activated carbon absorbs the unwanted chemicals and flavours while allowing the spirit (or water, if distilling water) to pass through. It is important to do this to achieve the best quality results from your spirit. We recommend using the Z Filter or the EZ Filter.

Step 4: Flavouring

Still Spirits offers over a hundred flavours and infusements to choose from including spirits, liqueurs, cream liqueurs, schnapps and cocktails. So you can create something new or replicate one of your favourites. This is quite a simple step, just follow the instructions on the label of your flavouring.


  • KIT – Complete Distillery either the T500 Copper or T500 Stainless
  • Filtering
  • Cleaner & Steriliser


  • Turbo Carbon, Yeast and Clear
  • Still Spirits Turbo Sugar
  • Flavouring

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